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Meet Kristi Maxx

Meet Kristi Maxx

Kristi Maxx is a tall (5'10"), busty (38DDD) Amazonian whom we are happy to welcome into the SCORELAND universe. Tennessee titillicious temptress Kristi says she played basketball through high school and her running down-court in a tight tank must have been a sight for SCORE eyes with those bouncy bazooms. She's still a basketball fan and watches it all the time. Favorite teams: the Celtics and University of North Carolina's Tarheels. "I always wear a bra," Kristi says. "I need to with my big titties." Kristi's only 21 years-old. She's horny, she's hot, she's busting out with hormonal heat. "I masturbate all the time. I am like a guy. I either have to do it first thing in the morning or right before I go to bed." Guys go for her butt as well as her big boobs and that's cool with Kristi. "I love having my ass worshipped," Kristi tells us. She thinks a confident man is a sexy man. "Confidence is so sexy to me. Too many people these days are self-conscious about a lot of things. With…
Featuring: Kristi Maxx
Date: December 8th, 2011
Duration: 80

Member Comments

6 years ago 
I'm in love with this chick!!!
7 years ago 
wow i gotta hand it to scoreland u guys just keep finding the
best ebonies EVER and i love the fact that she is a TARHEELS
fan double bonus
7 years ago 
7 years ago 
OMFG!! Wow !!

Score has scored the home run of the year !!

Lovely assets for a man to die for too... If Kristi does not get featured on Bootylicious Mag, that would be a shame too !!
7 years ago 
WOW!!! What a beautiful girl! I could get lost in those big beautiful dark eyes! Great body that she is not shy about, thanks score for a really great discovery.
7 years ago 

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