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  1. 16 hours ago

    This Cricket Season, Excitement is rising & our prices are dropping. Galaxy Smartphones are available at all-new prices @ ,

  2. 7 hours ago
  3. Jun 14

    I've been playing around with the hyperlapse mode on my S8. – at Dan Nicholas Park

  4. Jun 14

    will probably have a massive pump out of now where. Just like with the thing. It has a test pump (yesterday) and will have a even bigger pump today. (Hopefully) 🚀 Volume is insane and to have being apart of anything is massive.

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  6. Jun 14
  7. 15 hours ago

    Father’s Day is TOMORROW! Don’t slip and make sure you take advantage of these super deals • 50% OFF iPad Mini • On US! 🆓 👨🏻👨🏼👨🏾👨🏾‍🎓👨🏼‍🎓

  8. 12 hours ago
  9. 59 minutes ago

    Twitter Peeps, anyone using Android know how to disable the screenshot security policy? Need to take a screenshot of something and it keeps blocking... Super annoying

  10. Jun 14
  11. 11 hours ago

    Everyone sharing their Apple Watches of Keanu but no love for Samsung so I decided to make one just for Samsung lovers.

  12. 21 hours ago

    A new Samsung smartphone with a triple rear camera (horizontally aligned) is coming soon.

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  13. 19 hours ago

    Hey guys, Today I’m selling/trading this IKONIK skin account. Want OG account/offers in money! NGF AT ALL DM IF INTERESTED

  14. 3 hours ago

    Indha TV 60 lacks Comment below if u r going to buy this TV.

  15. Jun 13
  16. Jun 14

    This is why i usually try to get to bed before midnight. Quit bullying me Samsung.

  17. 7 hours ago

    Remember the triple camera Samsung device I talked about yesterday? There's one with a dual rear camera setup as well. Turns out that both of them might be the "s" or the "e" variants in the Galaxy A lineup (not confirmed though)

  18. 6 hours ago

    𓄁𓃠𓆉𓅿𓃰𓃟𓆏 Only iPhones XS XR and HUAWEI can copy & paste this.

  19. 3 hours ago

    This new gradient color of the Samsung Galaxy A60 looks unusually amazing.

  20. 15 hours ago

    Nokia 7.1 - Android One Pie 64 GB 12+5 MP Dual Camera - Dual SIM Unlocked Smartphone at&T

  21. 3 hours ago

    Is this another leak of the Samsung Note 10 or just a prototype

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